Why Frantz Fanon for Namesake?

Frantz Fanon University is named for Dr. Frantz Fanon, the Afro-Caribbean psychiatrist and a leading contributor to the liberation of colonial Algeria from France. Dr. Fanon's books continue to inspire people in different parts of the world. They include: Black Skin, White Masks, A Dying Colonialism, The Wretched of the Earth, and Toward the African Revolution.


Dr. Fanon's  intellectual acumen, psychiatric innovation, and personal commitment are to this day relevant to Africans (including of course Somalis) and oppressed peoples globally.  He demonstrated the power of ideas and bold action in pursuit of developing a humane and just world for all.


Those who read his books and study his practice find much that can guide them toward professional integrity and compassionate service to under-served populations. Frantz Fanon University seeks to not only  preserve Fanon's revolutionary legacy but also advance his commitment to social justice by teaching, writing, and serving communities in action.


Taking Frantz Fanon for its namesake, FFU instills in its students the commitment of Dr. Fanon and its founder (Dr. Bulhan) to social justice for the poor and focusing on the urgent priorities of the population it serves. The  University is open to qualified Somali students living in the Horn of Africa or abroad and to qualified international students regardless of nationality, race, or creed.




A Documentary on Frantz Fanon

"To educate man to be actional, preserving in all his relations his respect for the basic human values that constitute a human world, is the prime task of him who. having taken thought, prepares to act."

           Dr. Frantz Fanon