Thesis Guidelines

Frantz Fanon University has clear and detailed  policies, procedures, and schedules for researching, writing, and defending the thesis—the last and essential requirement postgraduate students seeking Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degrees must fulfill at Frantz Fanon University.


The thesis you successfully write and defend demonstrate an important milestone in intellectual and professional development. It shows your ability to choose a topic, review the relevant literature, understand and critically analyze related theories, select an aspect for research guided by stated hypotheses, collect and analyze the relevant data to confirm or not the hypotheses, and write cogent as well as credible conclusions, all demonstrating that you mastered   field of study you chose and can think logically and independently. For these reasons,  Frantz Fanon University requires writing a thesis and defending it to be the last milestone for graduating with Masters and PhD degrees.


This is indeed a challenging requirement that no other university in Somali society imposes on students, but one that is most valuable in the intellectual development and professional qualification of the postgraduate students at Frantz Fanon University. Students who seek a Master’s Degree easily (with minimal courses), in the short span of a year, or without writing a thesis can find ample choices from  other local universities or elsewhere, not at Frantz Fanon University.


FFU has clear guidelines for fulfilling this requirements, presenting a  mandatory course preparing students for thesis development and completion. These guidelines can be obtained from the Office of the Vice President, Aidarous Mohamed Abiib. Faculty members are also available to advice, guide, and support students engaged In the process of filling this requirement. In addition, the President of the University, Dr. Hussein Bulhan, who supervised over 35 doctoral dissertations as a Professor of Boston University, is in charge of ensuring that:

  • Students obtain what additional assistance they need to fulfill this requirement,
  • Those seeking postgraduate degree adhere to the policies, procedures, format and schedules described of FFU thesis guidelines, and
  • Each thesis written and defended meets high,  credible, and acceptable standards.


Please read these guidelines carefully, strictly adhering to them, planning early and starting work on thesis a year before the intended date of graduation. Careless reading of the guidelines results in shoddy and unacceptable thesis which will postpone expected date of graduation with a maximum of one year after which enrollment in the program is withdrawn. Note also that immediate dismissal follows proven plagiarism in all written work students submit, including the thesis.