Current Offerings of the Faculty


                       Faculty of Special Concentrations

Every society or every region of the world finds certain challenges of living and ecological conditions that are most vital to its wellbeing and development. The pervasive and damaging yet neglected problems of Somali society are firstly sparse rainfall, poor water conservation of surface water, and resulting frequent drought; secondly cutting down and burning trees for charcoal causing increasing desertification of the land; thirdly overall degradation of the environment by poor sanitation, undeveloped and corrupt governments that fail to work for the public good, haphazard design of cities and living spaces, even clandestine dumping of nuclear waste from developing countries.


Taking into account these grave and growing problems that need urgent and coordinated action, Frantz Fanon University targets in its the training of students in renewable energy (sun and wind), well water drilling & conservation of surface water,  environmental sciences, entrepreneurship, and cultural preservation & Development.

The first two areas (renewable energy and well  drilling and water conservation) form the priority foundation upon which FFU will develop its Faculty of Engineering. The Bachelor in Entrepreneurship and the Bachelor in Cultural Revival & Development will also advance the development of self-reliance and identity without which academic and professional training  narrow to technical myopia that contribute little to reconstruction of an innovative and humane society.