Public Health Programs

Bachelor of Public Health (B.Sc.)

This program  prepares undergraduate students as Public Health Officers who want to contribute to improving the health of communities by means of community health assessment, health promotion, social marketing, and other methods of disease prevention. This training and qualification also sets the foundation for pursuing postgraduate studies in public health or other health-related specialties.


The duration of the program is 4 years.  Successful completion of the program earns   students  Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Public Health. Applicants to the program are required to demonstrate record of successful completion of secondary school, passing the national secondary examination or its equivalent (average score of B), passing Frantz Fanon's entrance examination, and two recommendations from teachers or employers.


Master of Public Health (MPH)

In this interdisciplinary program, students study different aspects of public health including  epidemiology, maternal & child health, mental health, health and social behavior, environmental health sciences, public health nutrition, and health policy & management. The duration of the program is 2 years and concludes with presentation of a thesis on a topic relevant to public health. Students who successfully complete the program are prepared to work with governmental institutions as well as local and international organizations


Master in Epidemiology (M.Sc.)

Epidemiology, concerned with studying the factors that determined the distribution of health and disease in human populations, is  called the essential and 'basic science' of public health to which all students of this field must study, at least to understand and use epidemiological studies. Students in this program specialize in designing, conducting, interpreting, and applying epidemiological studies to identify key factors determining the distribution of health and disease in human populations. The duration of this program is 2 years and ends with a thesis on an epidemiological study.  Students who successfully complete the program are prepared as specialists in formulating, designing, consulting, and carrying out epidemiological studies.


Master in Maternal & Child Health (M.Sc.)

Students who concentrate in maternal & Healthcare focus on studies, research, and practice that improve the safety, effectiveness, equity, and outcome of healthcare for women and children. In so doing, they engage in health research and service by means of community-based participatory research, advocacy, and prevention in collaboration clinicians, patients and families, healthcare providers, government policymakers, and community organizations.