What is Special about FFU?

Since the collapse of the state in 1991, a string of new universities emerged  in Somali society as one of the collective initiatives to rebuild from the violence and material destruction of successive wars. Much has been achieved since then, as demonstrated in Somaliland (former British Protectorate where FFU is located) by the bottom-up restoration of peace, rebuilding of homes and society, development of government by democratic means, and the increasing emergence of universities in Somaliland from none until 1998 to over twenty-five today.


Yet much more remains in advancing the wellbeing of a population traumatized by wars, disoriented by flawed governments, and impoverished by officially mismanaged resources. The universities too with rapidly growing enrollment have yet to promote quality education guided by a curriculum of high standard and taught by qualified teachers.


Frantz Fanon University meets this standard in addition to competitively reasonable tuition fees and small-size classes. Not only does it enjoy reputation for quality education but also it develops a new generation of students in neglected but urgent priorities of Somali society like those described in the hyperlinked arrows on both sides of this page to overcome injuries of the past, improve the quality of life, advance social justice, and empower communities.