Mission & Goals of FFU


To train a new cadre of professionals whose practice and social commitment follow the example of Dr. Frantz Fanon while integrating state-of-the-art knowledge and technology to the culture and history of the people served.



  • Train competent and socially committed professionals in health and other fields;
  • Assemble highly qualified professors imparting knowledge and technology consistent with the University's mission;
  • Develop an intellectual environment engaging all involved in critical thinking and research;
  • Link the University and its students to a wide network of universities and organizations at home as well as abroad;
  • Produce publications that educate, advocated, and share knowledge advancing social justice and wellbeing of individuals as well as communities.


The motto of Frantz Fanon University is this: Breaking all chains, visible and invisible; building up from ruins, personal and social.


Frantz Fanon University is committed to help remove chains which come in different forms, be they overt (as those used on psychiatric patients in Somali society) or covert as the oppressive systems and psychology perpetuating social injustice; it is also committed to help build up individual lives, families, and society from personal and social ruins resulting from either overt or covert chains.


It is from this perspective of social justice that Frantz Fanon Universtiy aspires to direct and realize in its teaching of knowledge, skills, and practice.