Practicum & Internship

To ensure that graduates of are well prepared to practice their chosen profession, Frantz Fanon University combines academic training with practicum and/internship by which students gain supervised. hands-on experience usually in the 3rd and/or 4th years of their training for undergraduate students and the last year of training for graduate students. Hence as soon as they graduate, FFU students possess competitive advantage for jobs n their chosen career.


After successful completion of Basic Medical Science Curriculum and prerequisite examinations for clincal clerkship, Medical students undertake clinical clerkship at Hargeisa Group Hospital, the largest hospital in Somaliland.  Students may choose to rotate at  an approved hospital in other countries with prior arrangement with the FFU's clinical department and administration.


Writing Thesis

Undergraduate students are not required to write and present a thesis to earn Bachelor Degree. However, those of them who have at least average of B+ in their courses and wish to graduate with honors have the option of writing a thesis on a topic of their interest in the last year of training. The thesis must include academically sound literature review, approved research design, data collection, analysis, and report on the student's student's research during practicum or internship.


All postgraduate students are required to write a thesis in their last year; those of them who do not write academically sound thesis will not graduate until they do so. Applicants to the Master Degree Programs allow no more than three years for completion of courses and thesis