Tuition Fees & Application Form


Tuition fees charged at Frantz Fanon University are exceptionally reasonable, keeping in mind, above of all. poor students who seek quality education they cannot afford in most academic institutions elsewhere in the world.

  • Students in the undergraduate medical school pay ($475) in the two semesters of the academic year, a total of $950 per year;
  • Students in the other undergraduate program pay $70 per month during the three semester of the academic years, a total of $700 per year;
  • Students in the postgraduate on-campus program pay $125 per month during a total of $1250;
  • Students enrolled in the diploma program pay $60 per month during the period of their training;
  • Students from abroad training on-campus  pay reasonable fee of $200 per month, a total of $2000 in the academic year, exclusive of their cost of living and other expenses;
  • Students enrolled in the distance leaning program pay $160 per month during their training.


Application Form

For on-campus or distance learning, please download from here PDF Application Form or from the arrow on the left side of this page. Fill out the form and send it to with copies of the supporting documentation as described in the  "admission criteria" earlier in a previous page.


Make sure the application form is fully and legibly completed and all other requirements are met. Failure to meet the deadline for applications, incomplete applications forms, or neglect of other requirements (including registration fees, pictures, and recommendations described in that page above) will not be reviewed.