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                                      FFU Faculty

The faculty members of Frantz Fanon University, comprising local and expatriate professors, are highly qualified for the courses they teach. Possessing also extensive experience in teaching and research, they have a minimum of Masters' Degree, some with Ph.D., M.D., or both. In addition, they are active in the practice of their specialization, some of them leaving an impressive trails of publications.


In addition, Frantz Fanon University has a wide and diverse network of professors in different countries who either visit for short and specialized courses or teach in our distance learning using high-speed telecommunication facilities to train students thorough video conferences and email assignments. We expect that in coming years, the distance learning division will grow at a rapid pace that students who work in ordinary jobs can gain new skills, upgrade their qualification, and attain degrees at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.


It is the policy of the University that professors:

  • Work closely with the students and mentor them during their training at FFU;
  • Serve as advisors to designated number of students, meeting with each of them at least once a week for an hour;
  • Monitor, guide, and support students in class and those whom they serve as their thesis advisors;
  • Always keep high standard of academic and personal integrity in their relationship with students, colleagues, and the community of which the University is a part.