Current Offerings of the Faculty


                                   Faculty of Public Health

We live in one of the economically and politically least developed regions of the world. In addition, our society experienced succession of armed conflicts and periods of political instability. Urban growth, crowding, and poor sanitation also aggravate the health and wellbeing of residents. Not only are curative services least developed but also preventive measures have yet to begin with vigor and coordinated action in Somali society.


In particular, Somalis are  least prepared to cope with epidemics like cholera, yellow fever, and polio.  Neither do they have the necessary staff, the systems, and even minimum awareness to cope with pandemics like Ebola and Zika if they breakout in the population, as they recently have done so in West Africa and Latin America with devastating consequences.


Thus the public health challenge in Somalis society is as immense as is the opportunity to make a difference by those who study, specialize, and work in public health. Frantz Fanon University seeks to train a new generation of teams in public health at the undergraduate and post-graduate programs.


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