Current Offerings of the Faculty


Faculty of Medicine

In addition to the general mission and objectives of Frantz Fanon University, the Faculty of Medicine has its own specific mission and objectives.


Mission of the Faculty

"To be an academic center training medical doctors and other health professionals serving the health needs of Somaliland and its neighbors."


Objectives of the Faculty

The Faculty of Medicine comprises undergraduate and post-graduate programs. The objectives of the MBBS Program at Frantz Fanon University is to set the foundation and qualification for medical doctors who serve ethically, altruistically, and with cultural sensitivity to their patients, families, and society after acquiring at the university and affiliated  institutions:

  • Scientific knowledge of good medical practice,
  • Knowledge, skills, and leadership for community health promotion,
  • Clinical and public health skills to work in neglected, under-served populations,
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving, and reflective practice,
  • Relevant competencies in public health practice and behavioral sciences,
  • Skills for being as effective consumers and  producers of research,
  •  Life-long commitment to learn, teach, and serve as role model.