Current Offerings of the Faculty


Dental Medicine Program

The growth and aging of the population, pervasive poverty,  diminishing eating of nutrient foods, and increase of chronic diseases like diabetes aggravate the already limited number of dentists in the region. Frantz Fanon University trains a cadre of dentists to provide preventive and curative service for the population's oral  and dental problems.


The  duration of the DMD program being 5 years, students in the program learn  in the first year basic sciences, augment their English proficiency, and take courses with students in other disciplines that promote relevant knowledge and critical thinking. Successful completion of pre-clinical requirements allows them to continue study of more rigorous pre-clinical dental sciences in the second and third year, along with practical training on  dental and related oral problems common in the region. They too engage in clinical internship in designated hospitals and private practice during the last two years.


The University grants  Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) to graduates  upon successful completion of these requirements and a comprehensive examination.