Allied Health Programs

In a region beset by wars and poverty with high rates of PTSD and mental health problems yet neglected, the need for social workers and psychiatric nurses is as acute as is the demand of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. The study of pharmacology is also neglected, giving untrained, unlicensed, and unregulated personnel free hand to distribute, dispense, and sell medicine in hospitals, pharmacies, and wholesale companies


Social Work Program

The study of social work is of necessity multidisciplinary, combing social and abnormal psychology, sociology, anthropology, and social advocacy.  Social workers constitute essential staff in diverse settings as in family service programs, psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse treatment, rehabilitation centers, and employment agencies.


Psychiatric Nursing Program

Psychiatric nurses are essential staff mainly in-patient services which, if they exist in Somali society today, are at the stage or worse than when Pinel unchained  psychiatric patients in France and Dorethea Dix in the United States as well as William Tuke in England initiated reforms treatment of the psychiatric patients over two centuries ago. Psychiatric nurses, like psychologists and psychiatrists, have a critical but missing  role in providing in providing services to hospitalized patients.


Pharmacology Program

This program is designed to train pharmacologists acquire necessary knowledge, skills, values, and commitment to help institutions, health professionals, and communities to understand the biochemical composition of drugs in order to properly dispense, use, procure, store, avoid waste, and reduce cost.


Duration of the Programs

The duration of the Social Work and the Pharmacology Programs is 4 years. Both require completion of secondary school or its equivalent with at least B average in the national examination (particularly in mathematics for pharmacology applicants), two recommendations, and passing FFU's entrance examination. Student in the Social Work Program who graduate with B.A may choose to enroll in the Master Degree Programs of social work or public health  if they fulfill requirements of these programs.


The duration of the Psychiatric Nurse Program is 3 years, although exceptional students whose English proficiency is strong may complete requirements of the program in 2 years. A prerequisite for admission into the psychiatric nursing program is successful completion of post-secondary eduction, two years of college diploma in nursing from a recognized institution, passing entrance examination of the University, and two recommendations. Successful completion of the programs earns graduating students B.Sc. in Psychiatric Nursing.