Welcom to Frantz Fanon University!

Frantz Fanon University is a new and rapidly growing institution of higher education that catches the imagination and interest of Somali students, some of whom transfer in groups from other local universities because FFU offers:

  • High quality of university education in a society rebuilding from the ruins of war and whose restoration of peace in Somali society is growth of under-30 years-of-youth to over 75% of the population;
  • The only institution that trains urgently needed specialists (like psychiatrist, psychologists, forensic psychologists, and psychiatric nurses) in a region of high prevalence for post-traumatic stress disorders and other mental health problems,  compounded also by absence of proper services;
  • Faculty of Medicine that has two programs: one whose duration is 6-year MD Degree Program and the other is a fast-track, 4-year MD Degree Program for applicants with prior training in premedical sciences;
  • Other faculties training students in diverse disciplines including  public health, behavioral medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, criminology, conflict & development studies, entrepreneurship, and international relations and diplomacy;
  • Training specialists serving vital community needs like renewable  energy (solar and wind) and drilling of wells for water or its conservation in a region of sparse rainfall and increasing desertification of the land for charcoal.


In short, Frantz Fanon University is in theory and practice driven by a mission to make a difference in the war-torn region of its location with the power of ideas, knowledge, and skills empowering individuals and groups living in the midst of violence, ruin, and despair.